Monday, February 09, 2009

L in rehab again

First it was the LCD.

Then it was a bad fan which used to make a noise like a flour mill so much so I was embarassed to take it to the meetings. A slight pause in conversation and L could be heard till miles. I endured all that till I noticed the fan was failing it, it was getting heated too quick for my comfort level and I took it to the IT guys and got the fan replaced.

Now its the Hard Drive :(( I shut it down before I left and it apparently didn't shut down. While I was walking back home, I felt it since it was hot on my back. As is my usual practice, I reset it on coming home and then it simply refused to re-start :( To the IT guys again.

Do I abuse L or does it abuse me? I am very careful at that with this one. I keep it docked while at work, very rarely carry it to meetings and all that. Still, it dies on me so often, waaa:((


adhyayan said...

laptop laments this side too..suddenly my screen went blank and I couldnt get it to swich on..
I imagined and went as far as being without my L for a monthor so.. just heard on NPR that the too much time spent googling could lead to dementia.. so thought it would be a good break.. but dell customer service had a4 minute magic of remvoing the battery and charger and putting them back on..
Regarding the shut down not happening well.. I live with my L's problem of not putting the screen down..

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