Sunday, February 15, 2009

The guy's friends

One of my engineering friends dropped by this evening at home quite unexpectedly. He was visiting with his wife from Chennai and called me in the afternoon and dropped by in the evening. Our last social interaction @ home was probably three weeks ago so it was a good change. Plus this was a good friend and he was visiting Bangalore to check out apartments since he is moving here! Hopefully we will see more of them soon.

I've always noticed how we all go out with Subhash's friends so often and hardly ever catch up with my friends. If we do, then its solo mostly when I am visiting another town. Unless its my extremely close girl friends (who happen to live miles away, so such meeting are yearly anyways), we rarely meet any other friends together. And this, given that Subhash knows most of my friends, at least by name, from engineering since they were his juniors!

Not just us, I've noticed it with most other people. Most socializing happens in the guys' circle. All my friends' (guys) from engineering socialize together with their wives quite a bit too. Its just rare that the girls along with their spouses get involved. I've been wondering why for many a year now. I thought initially that it was because all of Subhash's friends were well-known to me (my seniors) so it was easy for me to mix with them vs the other way around, but we also meet his IIM friends pretty often, none of whom I knew earlier. So, I think its funny, really.

Is this the case with you too? 


Shilpa said...

Actually yes and no! We were batchmates in undergrad...and we meet our undergrad friends a lot. Also, we were in the same grad school there you go...everyone we meet is known to both!

SK said...

Actually no. Since husband has the travelling job, the folks we meet on weekends are actually friends from my work place. We have common UnderGrad friends, although we meet the ones he is close to more often than the ones I am close to, we are all friends anyway.

It need not be that the girls get to leave their friends once they get married. :--)

Anonymous said...

Yes Yes Yes !!


Smitha said...

tell me about it.
:-( Same situation around here too

Anonymous said...

if u had to tell ur husband someone whom who treated as a friend proposed to u... he would never accept ur friends circle..esp male friends :-( ...

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