Saturday, February 14, 2009

Up early and..

Every Saturday when my maid walks in at 5 in the morning, I don't know what else to do so I login and finish any unfinished work leftover from Friday. Normal days, I spend the time getting ready for work so it works out, but Saturday?! No idea what to do at 5 AM:( I think I should really stop working but most of the times I don't know what else to do so I work. Its bad, yeah. I need to find a pastime. Painting, maybe?

Now I am on a customer issue yet again and this time its been bad. I resisted getting put on this but I had to take it anyways. So I got started on it this week and still have no clue how to get it to a proper conclusion. Hoping 5 AM would help in throwing out some great ideas, I got started. Lets see.

In general the mood is low. Very low. There is some shadow of impending bad times looming and I can feel it. Never before seen frictions at work, the need to take on some very nasty people, well, at least earlier, I've never done this. Ditto for Subhash except he's probably done it before and will definitely handle it better than me. But still, we both are going through a very rough ride at our respective work places and it makes the evening discussions gloomy and angry most times :( Sometimes we vent out at those Pakistani guys who appear on Times Now debates mouthing crap.

I hope it passes soon. I think I've seen too many people say how wonderfully its working out for us and how lucky we are and all that. I think some of them might've meant it too seriously and sourly :(


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