Friday, October 31, 2008

Off finally!

To Tirupathi. After months of pushing it out. After 5 excruciating hours of wait at the Malleswaram office (in rain that too!) we finally are going this weekend. With S and his wife V. Driving down. Looking forward to it. Should be fun. This is the first non-Hyd trip we are making together after the move. And not for any emergency, aha, life is good! :)

Miss me, my lovelies! Updates from the EMI-paying lord will follow on Monday ;)


Anonymous said...

Have fun Divs! :--))
I have been to Thirupathi once, not a good experience :--)


adhyayan said...

Hi i came across your pheni hunt 2 yrs ago.. I made pheni for this Diwali.. Hope you had it too.. Pheni rocks.. you wrote very well.. and I like your blogs title too..

DivSu said...

@Z- Aww, why a bad experience? :)

@Adhyayan -- Thanks so much! I haven't had Pheni this year yet, waiting for my mother in law to send it over to Bangalore through someone :)

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