Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A rainy adventure

Walking back home to catch the bus. Caught by an unexpected rain. Should have left 20 mins earlier, saw everyone who could potentially give me a ride leave while I was chatting with Y. What to do? Found a thatch which was empty by the service road. Waited a while. Didn't see any bus for a long long time, so was not feeling very guilty for having waited in the thatch. Saw a shiny Red Volvo go by. Very sad this, missing that bus. The mind thinks, maybe its not raining that hard. Walked a little bit. Steadily getting drenched. Caught sight of that shiny red Volvo stuck a little ahead in traffic. Legs picked up a running pace. Crossed that trench dividing the service road and the main road and started running. Only the bus is visible. Soon heard splosh-splash. Didn't look where I was running. Water all around. And that pair of khakhis has gone for a toss. Damn! Ran faster. Got into the bus. Already 15 mins since I left office. Bus still stuck. After 10 more minutes it starts to move. Slowly. No seat. Sat on the platform left out where the Volvo's huge tires are.

What is life without a little adventure eh? ;)


Smitha said...

very well written Divs...

Deepika said...

Hi Divya

Just finished 1hr reading your blog
( this is my first visit) and why I read blogs, to know how ppl get along with life, career nd stuff.
I thought "whoaa what a girl!!!"
Girls like you truly stand as role models and I can imagine the effort behind.

In between all those wonderful posts I find "Edhi telugu vahcina vallake"...and I loved it.
Thanks for putting in all the details feels like I' know u since your childhood to where u r now!

Wishing you with all the happiness,love,laughter,fun and everything you wish for!

Get going girl!
""cudn't find your mail id and leaving a comment"
-Deepika( and hey iam from hyderabad too;)

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