Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Many things ;)

One more porridge post. Please to excuse. I try to patch up many different things when I don't have any single thing to talk about at length ;)

We got dry fruits for Diwali. One neatly packaged gold paper box with Raisins, Kaju, Apricot (I think), Figs, Pista and Badam. It feels good, the festive spirit is amazing :)

I sorely miss going to Hyd for the festival. I was hoping to be able to make it. Its my first Diwali in India after 8 devilishly long years. But we can't, no vacation available :( And all our friends are already leaving for Hyd, so we will probably be all alone! Sigh! At least, we are together, two is better than one I say.

House-warming date almost decided. Although I am too stormed to think about planning for it, my mom and Subhash's mom have collaborated and fixed on the cook for the day preceding and following the event and the purohit as well. Sure makes my life easier ;)

Something nice happened this evening. I had to walk as usual to the gate of our campus to catch an auto when this auto guy was coming out, he asked me where I had to go, I told him and he said he can't go. Then he said he'd drop me till the gate. I almost got into the auto when I asked him how much he'd take for it (sheepish grin, yeah I know, I am paranoid like that!). He said, its Ok anyway he is going in the same direction. And I felt so nice. After all those nasty haggling experiences with auto fellows in Bangalore, this was a pleasant surprise.

Spending more and more time mentoring the young blood in the team. Made an impromptu presentation today for some of them. All those new college hires. It makes me feel damn old! Especially when they introduce me saying she's been around for donkey's years :( Sigh! but new hires are always exciting. Their conviction and energy can be contagious most of the times :)

Well, let me sign off now. More tidbits later ;)


Anonymous said...

Congrats new home owner...wanted to wish that earlier, but better late than never:)

DivSu said...

Many thanks :) Its probably better to say "old home owner" ;)

Anonymous said...

Hey, we should have auto-pooled yesterday - I got an auto from campus too. I thought of checking with you, but figured you might have left already (it was 6:30 pm). Looks like it was Auto-behave day yesterday, I walked to the main road with no autos in sight and started trudging to the bus stop. On the way, I waved down an auto without much hope, but not only did he stop and agree, he TURNED ON the meter without a word! He was probably headed that way, but still ...
DS (and congrats again on the new-to-you home -- have fun with it!)

DivSu said...

@DS, wow! THAT good eh? Usually even if they are going empty they demand at least 60 rupees for that measly distance. Yesterday I was headed elsewhere so I took an auto, else only BMTC buses for me, they are much less nonsensical ;)

Rupa said...

Congrats on the new home ... Will be great to see pics of it.

DivSu said...

Thanks Rupa! Will post some soon :)

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