Saturday, October 11, 2008

A nice morning

Subhash's Dad had been telling us about this group of six or so guys who met at the park by Iblur lake and laughed their guts out. I was curious an so went along with him today to check out what they do.

It was disappointing since they decided to take off today :( However, we did walk and when his Dad sat down to do breathing exercises, I covered another round of the park taking in the pretty-ish kind of wilderness and came back. Then I sat on one of the four swings in the park which I had soon as I came in.

Swings. I love them. Swings at school were one of the first forms of adrenaline rush I had ever experienced since I was never the giant wheel type of person. I am sure it holds true for a lot of people. So even today I never miss an opportunity to swing along if I find one empty. You see, finding a swing empty was one of the biggest luxuries of childhood @ school.

There is a play area in our apartment complex itself but I usually walk by it when its full of kids. Not wanting to deny them the chance (read, look stupid) I usually don't swing on them ;) But once in a while, when we go by the area walking in the night, I do snatch a swing or two!!

We walked back home and it was quite peaceful. Saturday morning, the whole weekend ahead of you, the very thought gives you ample energy :D The quietness was only disturbed by some snippets of loud conversations on the higher floors of the apartment blocks, birds chirping, the watchmen talking animatedly etc. Some water birds walking on the Bellandur lake added to the serene picture. I should do more early-Saturday-morning walks from now on.


Anonymous said...

Swings. love them. used to swing @ the parks when we usually used to walk to the store to get some groceries in the night as a student :). especially in the summer.Me & my friends used to chat through the night on those swings :) getting nostalgic but those were the days :)

Random thots said...

I am scared of giantwheels when running at higher pace.I was never fascinated by swings though

Shubhika Taneja said...

swings are my favorite too. i remember going to henry vilas zoo picnic area in Madison in my first sem. And me and 2 of my other friends were swinging happily on the swings..That was my last swing ride as an adult.

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