Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Back and following

Back from Tirupathi. EMI paying lord, still burdened under his loan, I say! TTD guys swindle so much money making him gold plated gopurams and gold laden stuff that none of that dearie monies is going back to Kuber. And so the loan becomes more and more sub-prime and the EMIs just keep growing in spite of growing donations (donations directly proportional to growing sins and growing populus)

We climbed the hill by foot for the first time and managed to scrape through decently :) Darshan was the best we've ever had. A full minute maybe, thanks to V's bro-in-law and his high recommendation ;) But really, nothing works in Tirumala these days without recommendation. I wonder how people without recommendation manage :( Even as late as 2004, me and my mom managed to go without any recos and even found accommodation impromptu which has become unheard of these days.

Anyways, back and busy now. Tiles, wall tiles, demolition, cement, paint, wood, doors, windows etc, discussions follow in not necessarily the same order. Managing ok so far since work load is not imposing, yet. Thank God! Else, the stress was going to kill me.

Following the US election. Yeah, US election means the media assumes that the whole world is interested, so no point cribbing how the TV is full of it. I am hoping the American populace is not dumb enough this time around to put McCain in the hot seat. When Bush won in 2004, I was literally shocked at the stupidity of those American citizens. But then maybe it wasn't such a free and fair election after all. And also I mainly blame Kerry for Bush's win. He just wasn't a strong enough or charismatic enough opponent. Even I would find it tough to decide between Bush and Kerry, and THAT is saying something;) Anyways, my entire 7 years in the US was spent singularly under Bush's rule. (2001 to 2008) So much so that Subhash calls him my favourite Prezzy. Yeah, of course, why not. No one hates him more than I do. Joker, saala.

And the next time I go to the US, I am hoping to go under Democratic rule. Enough of hopping in and out of Bush's America. Now I want to hop in and out of Obama's America :D ;)


Anonymous said...

I hope you are right and it becomes and Obama America...

Anonymous said...

according to my tata, venky(top tirupathi) is the god of haves, and his brother venugopalaswamy(bottom tirupathi) is for the have nots. What no recommendation?? You must be joking...The first time I went there was in 1998 and was really amazed at how things work when you have connections, and really felt bad about it.

Lavanya said...

Your wish has been fulfilled :) It is now Obama America :)

Kishan said...

Actually, American citizens are that dumb. Mc Cain was very close to Obama when the popular vote is considered. I wonder how people could still vote for Mc Cain after his disastrous decision of appointing the queen of dumbs, Sarah Palin.

DivSu said...


I know. AND he is someone who said that the economy is strong on the day that the Wall Street crashed. That is why I think these Amriki gora log totally deserved Bush and the mess that he wrought, after all, didn't they vote for him. If the US is in a pathetic mess today, it totally and completely deserves it.

DivSu said...


Top Tirupathi = Tirumala
Bottom Tirupathi = Tirupathi ;)

Just saying ;)

Yeah, no recommendation, even I can't believe that happened to me when I think back at it ;)

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