Thursday, November 27, 2008

The blasts .. no..the budding cricket star

I was going to write about the blasts as I saw them relayed last night on TV. But more and more incidents kept coming in and I didn't know what to say or write. I think this whole terror attack thing has stopped terrorizing anyone in this country anymore. Except those that get killed unnecessarily and their family :( The few good police guys we are left with are martyred in these incidents. Lets all go to the dogs now. When the whole thing has become such a circus, I think the terrorists need to realize that the "terror" part is so not working and find something else to do. Reams and reams have been written about the blasts and reams more will be. I have nothing new to add so I choose to focus on something else instead.

This morning a cousin of mine forwarded an article on another cousin of mine that appeared in Eenadu. (For the uninitiated, Eenadu is the largest selling Telugu daily newspaper) It was about his cricketing prowess :) He is a budding cricket aspirant and plays for his college Loyola in Hyd. And apparently he took 6 wickets yielding just 2 runs and scored 38 in his batting innings. And I felt so proud of him. I never managed to appear in any paper myself, so I am glad I can associate myself with some brilliance this way at least :)

Congrats to my cousin Ramakanth! We always used to say he would play in the national team one day and then we would all show off thanks to him ;) I wish today that this wish of mine comes true. Along with my prayer this morning that peace should reign in this country forever.



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