Sunday, November 23, 2008

Ohh no!

I never thought I'd do this but I have a BAD restaurant review. Hotel in question, "Urban Nawab" on Outer Ring Road near the Marathahalli Staples store. Food: Forgettable.

We went last weekend, Saturday night, with S and V. We asked for Khus Sharbat and we got Sprite. In extra green. We asked what the relation between Sprite and Khus Sharbat was and he changed it from Sprite to Water with Khus flavouring. And since we had made the mistake of pointing out the Sprite, he added extra Khus flavour making it a deep deep green and nauseatingly sweet as a result.

Rest of the food, I don't even want to mention. Suffice to say I had an upset for the next two days.


Anonymous said...

Have you been to "Roomali with a View" in the same building? We went there on a weekday for lunch - the buffet was bad. Everything was tasteles, I think the only thing I ate were the tandoori rotis and the gajjar ka halwa.

We tried Urban Nawab and liked the non-veg biryani, though we won't be rushing back. The food at Malgudi was good both times we were there. I've also heard Jalsa on ORR is good.


DivSu said...

Yeah, we've been to Roomali. I think I reviewed it on my blog earlier. Food was good. For me the highlight was all the different kinds of roomali rotis you can get, I quite have the digs for Roomali Rotis, I guess its just a Hyd thing ;)

I've heard about Jalsa and Malgudi and that they are good, but they are jinxed for me. Whenever I plan for them, it never works out :(

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