Monday, November 21, 2005

Tech Museum, San Jose, 11/20/2005

Went to the Tech Museum of Innovation in downtown San Jose. Wanted to take mom, dad and sis for a long time, kept putting off that visit for too long so I could take them to watch the new Harry Potter movie (Goblet of Fire) in the enclosed Hackworth Dome IMAX Theater:)

Couldn't get tickets for yesterday (Saturday) so had to settle for Sunday morning 9 am show, waaaaaa:(( Woke warly and made it on time. But were almost last in the line, so had to sit in the front row. Even though the theater was dome, we still had to strain our necks to watch it. But it was worth it, a movie well made. I didn't remember the book in fine detail, not as much as Puts (my sis) at least, so can't make comparisons and be a critic about how well made it is as far as sticking to the book, but I enjoyed the movie as a whole:)

Then the lunch at Cafe Primavera (the cafe inside the Tech) and a round of the museum. Now comes the tragic part, I lost my Fuji 5MP digital camera:(( I left it at one of the exhibits in the museum and forgot it there and we went back like after 15 mins but couldn't find it. I registered it with the security office but have little hopes of finding it:(( But not feeling all that tragic about it as I would have some 2 years ago even:) I tend towards the philosophical actually, these days;) I was like, it had to happen, it did.

So much for the day, the coming week is a 3-day one, very short, very nice:P Thanksgiving weekend:) Will be travelling to SoCal, LA and Nevada me Las Vegas:) More on this page:)

BTW, still managed some pics in Subhash's (aka Aayana;) )Nokia. Will post them later into this post if I can, as long as I can master my Hello+Picasa Skills.


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