Thursday, November 10, 2005

Daily Grind, 11/09/2005

Today was just like any other, days are getting shorter, nights longer. I lived in Wisconsin for four years, that was depressing. Having lived in Hyderabad (India), I never thought that I would crave for sunlight;) With soaring temps every summer, I used to hate the sunny days, in Wisconsin I craved and yearned for them:))

Then I had some good time at work, my job is essentially software testing and so like a fisherman (rather fisherwoman) I wait and wait for fish (aka bugs) to catch in the lake (aka programs) ;) Today I found FIVE!!! The maximum I got in a day. Then there is the usual round of emails from people, spent quite sometime on perusing some interesting emails on a program we did recently.

I guess I will eventually fill these pages about who I am and all that...

Currently planning to write the CCIE, I just got through 3/7s of my book:( I have been reading for months together. There was once a time when I would have finished one book in a month, so much for working on a full time job and having familial ;) responsibilities:P

Better get back to some of my office work (which I left midway and came home because the sun had set) and then I shall try and finish some reading, ahem...


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