Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Daily Digest, 11/16/2005

Daily grind seemed like I was grinding through my life which is actually not true, I am having quite some fun, so I decided to rename my posts as daily digests;) (Digest ---->Food----->Eat, yummm!!!;) )

Early morning, not early actually, more 7.30ish. Slept late last night, came back from San Fran where we went to meet Subhash's IIM-Cal friend. It was fun, except for that it took me three hours to reach San Fran from when I started on the Bay Area/Silicon valley's holy roads. Religiously I drive through the traffic day in and day out. I avoid it most of the times by leaving late and coming back early to escape the traffic but get caught at other times.

These days I am not thinking much about anything, so posts are all very dry boo hoo hoo.

I can't wait to watch Harry Potter though. Needed to take my parents to the Tech Museum and its IMAX theater so I decided to wait until this movie got released as I didn't want to watch another commentary about river Nile or Indian Tigers;) So Saturday is the day. So want to watch that movie. I am a Harry Potter die-hard. What will become of the world after Book 7?;) No, not THAT die-hard actually but somewhat, yes:)

Subhash and I were discussing that Mystery in Mystery Spot, during some part of that three hour journey we took from Milpitas to SFO. Until I took out my notebook and jotted down some figures I could not figure it out. But I understood it later alright! I think I should also do something enterprising like that in India and make some money, but point is, we desis are intelligent, so I might end up having no visitors and going into losses, so much for trying to be enterprising;)


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