Saturday, November 12, 2005

Daily Grind 11/11/2005

Its one of my friends' bday, I just remembered, need to call or at least email;)

Planning a trip to Las Vegas, Los Angeles and if possible, Grand Canyon. Was looking at air-fares, so expensive!!! To travel within California, from Silicon Valley to LA, if I have to spend 300 bucks, its attrocious. So we decided that we would drive down. We = Subhash & me. Need to take my parents around, been idling at home weekend after weekend:( The last major trip I took them on was NYC and Niagara. That was a good trip, Subhash had just come back from India.

Have been in the US for four years now, never found it any great, prefer to go back to India any day. My parents came visiting in August and they are here till Jan. Feb I am getting married!!! Can't wait to let go of my spinster days;) Subhash moved to the US because I was here, now he doesn't find it great either, so planning to go back ASAP:)

Rathi came over (we were a set of 5 girls, thick friends from 10 years, like 1995:), classmates in 11 & 12) yesterday, we were discussing a whole lot of things, of them was India or US. My dad, as usual asked her, what are your long term plans, India or US, then started the whole thread, why India, why US. I prefer India, but my Dad and Rathi preferred the US;) We were generally highlighting the good and evils. Traffic in Hyd! Rathi said she couldn't stand it, I said, I will just have a chauffeur when I go back to India, udhar at least you can afford one, not like here;) I don't deny it, I like the noise, the active cultures so to speak (like they advertise in Yoghurts here, 1000's of active cultures, live bacteria), the sheer life and its colourfulness (not colorfulness, mind you!!!). Here life looks black and white to me, plain, dull, boring. Lets see when I can actually get back. Lost two years before I could find a decent job, need to make up for it asap and go back:)

Then, nothing much, Shruti called, what a coincidence I wanted to call her to ask what her plans were for Thanksgiving, I remember she said she was going home to Riverside, we spoke for some time, then I was watching Wizard of Oz, couldn't live through it, fell asleep. Subhash went out to watch cricke with his friends.

This weekend I must take my folks out somewhere, just thinking where:)


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