Thursday, December 01, 2005

Daily Digest 11/30/2005

Its been a long long time since I posted anything:) I tried dabbling with some pictures, but too much HTML work, so gave up trying;)

Too many hectic days have passed since I last wrote about the Tech museum. We went on a family vacation to LA and Las Vegas. Took my folks to Disney and Universal (standard pilgrimage huuh??!!) and then to the Hindu temple in Malibu. Met up with Subhash's bro, was nice to see him. Went to Riverside and met Shruti's parents as well, and her sis, she hasn't changed one bit:) It was nice to meet them all after so long. Then headed for Vegas. Vegas was more like a "been there, done that":reached late, rushed around, watched stuff in a hurry the next morning and headed straight back home. But the drive back home, now that is a totally different horror story, hours and hours went into inching through traffic, boy the worst long distance ride for me. I just gave over the driving to Subhash and slept after I crawled through nearly 6.5 hours of traffic and making only 200 miles towards home:))

Heard about Teju's batchmate's murder, it was very sad. Just how much are we doing to make things better, zilch, zero, null. At least I haven't done one thing in my life for the upliftment, so to say, of the society, what a waste am I!!:(

Something else that made me feel most ordinary and so not-special was an article (actually two) I read about Sudha Murthy's family. If yuo don't know who she is, then may I suggest Google search for you;) But anyway, I read these articles, and her whole family is so much into achieving and dreaming and building and becoming famous, makes me feel quite useless actually:((

So goes on my life...


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