Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Daily Digest 12/12/2005

Is this my first post in December?:) I have been feeling lazy, just to write a diary kind of a blog, without any wit or vivacity is not my ishtyle;)

So added to that I was looking at Teju's blog, she was also being lazy so I consoled myself, chal theek hai.

Anyway, been feeling very lazy at work and in general, doing nothing, so getting nothing to write. But my theme for the week can be elected as "Words once said cannot be taken back". For most part this week I hav regretted some of the things I said last week, so hopefully this will be some kind of a lesson page in my blog:)

Waiting for some wit and intelligence to pounce on me...


Tejaswini said...

Sweetheart, you are suffering from blogstipation .... just like me. Don't give up though :)

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