Friday, December 02, 2005

The "Survival of the Fittest" game

Its my favo"u"rite phrase when I am speaking animatedly to any ungrateful Indian born American-aspiring person:)

One of the first things I observed (ah yes, thank you, of course I am super intelligent and very keenly observant) when I got to the US was how people let you go ahead in line, how relaxed they are when they wait for thier turn at things, how they don't push and fight for stuff. And almost immediately on the heels of this observation, there came the realization (yeah didn't I say I was intelligent;) )that they don't do the pushing and the pulling because they don't have to. One of my friends in Madison (WI) was saying to me (he had been in Madison a year by then) about how much he admired the patient waiting that people do in lines, how they never try to "snatch" your turn etc etc, and I said to him, yeah well but they know that they will eventually get their turn, eventually get that part of the pie, that they know their name is written all over.

Switch to India, "third world" country (How I HATE that term), 1/3 the area of the US, 3x the popoulation. People, no lets say women, to make it more interesting;), are waiting in line for say, water, and they know that if they are too late then they will end up with nothing at the pump. So the woman in the very end tries to push herself to the front, which annoys the other woman in the front because now she will be the loser because this other loser is going to so not be fair and snatch away her water from her. And so she starts a brawl to regain her supremacy, and so on and so forth and you know what happens after that. Imaging you are showing this on a tape to one of our desi babus in the US, I can bet 95% of them will first say that is India man, everyone fights, no one knows decency, "Decency ka naamo nishaan nahi hain logon me, brutes" etc etc, look at gora log, how decent, how patiently they wait their turn!!

Are baba, underlying cause is such, no one tries to go beyond skin deep. People, if the US did not have 6 of the 7 world's great lakes not to mention 2 HUGE oceans thrown in, AND not to even go near mentioning that abundancy of natural resources, then these gora log would fight even more shamelessly:) You beg to differ? Just try it!!! Have you ever noticed how horrible traffic is in any populated city's downtown like SFO, NYC, what are you talking about following rules!!:))Such a joke@!!

How many of the desi guys who complain about how Indian roads are pathetic (Mind you , except me and a few more intelligent ones like me, I have heard this complaint from EVERY single desi here) even stop to think how the gora logs would react if they were put in the same traffic conditions as India. I am sorry to hurt any "Ohh the US is such an amazing place, so luxurious, so orderly, so neat" sentiments, but put just one Indian city's population worth of people on any 4 lane road here and you get as many brawls and reckless drivings and breaking rules (and gunshots to add for a bonus), in the great land of opportunities.

What I always say to people who mention in front of me about how much more better the traffic in the US is, how much more sincere/honest people are when waiting turns etc, is, its all a "survival of the fittest" game in India, here there is no need to play that game, because thank god, this country has all resources in abundance. And never mind for when they fall short, there is always another country out there that they can go to war with to bring home the spoils!! And god save this country when its populace has to play survival of the fittest games. At least in India you feel a little lehaaz when you go to fight, you have some respect for elders, you give your culture some value and these kind of limit the range of how indecent you can get, in the US it is all "Don't know, don't care"!! So don't give me any of that crap about how the US is so much better than India in terms of such and such, because all I would say is, "Baby, you ain't seen nothing of the dirt yet!!" Amen.


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