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Europe Travelogue, December 25, 2001 through 8 January 2002.

I have been meaning to do this for a long long long time now (as is very obvious for the last four years;)) I went to Europe on a road trip with two of my cousins, Aravind and Prasanna. Aravind was in Netherlands (Hilversum, where he is still living even as I write this) and Prasanna was in Oberhausen, Germany doing his MBA. Both wanted me to go visit them as this was my first major break after I landed in the US in August 2001. This was simply put an amazing trip with loads of fun and all the amazing things we saw. And so much for my most wanted destination, Paris, we had the maximum number of mishaps too. But it can all be made into a funny movie now I guess:) Window view of life!! I wrote a diary when I travelled with these two dear cousins of mine (yeah, they stuck me in the back of our compact car with 3/4 of the seat occupied by our mammoth food supplies, and I remember I wrote this diary using a tortilla packet for support;)) As the trip progressed I had more space in the back because we were rapidly eating away at the food, so my handwriting improved near the second half of the trip;)

So I had this handwritten diary of those 17 days, and I always meant to put it in electronic format, actually I think I did once, but I have to look for a backup CD of my old laptop.(so much for data saving!!! You never want to look for it later) But I think my blog would be the perfect place where I can tell the story with pictures and facts pulled in courtesy Google!:)

I hereby take an oath that I am going ot just stick by my diary and not modify any part of it in language, form or content.

Here begins my journey in blue ink...


Arrived, had food, packed and left for Oberhausen (Intnl border - Netherlands-Germany)


Wednesday 8.45 am START Mileage: 2717.7 (Odometer) 306 (Counter)
Petrol: 44.47 DM = 22.74 Euro
Restaurant 7 DM

10 AM: Arrive Cologne (Germany)
12 PM: Depart Cologne ( " )

Me and Aravind at Cologne Cathedral (This one was built over 7 centuries!!) Posted by Picasa

4 PM: Wurzberg (Petrol)
6.30 PM: Nurenberg - Searched around the place for snow tires - search failed:-( Slept in the car.


I have to interrupt my diary here. The reason why we searched for snow tires in Nurnberg was the amount of snow that German skies were dumping, I think Gremany saw one of its worst snowfalls that year, in all of the places that we went to this one was most cold and most snowy. We saw a car in front of us take a 360 degree spin in the snow and Aravind decided we are not going any further that night.

Prasanna in knee deep snow near Frankfurt Posted by Picasa

Aravind in knee deep snow near Frankfurt Posted by Picasa

We spoke to a cop and somehow managed to get to a parking lot and slept in the car as this was not a planned halt and we had no hostel reservations for Nurnberg (Prasanna bhaiyya was a member of YMCA and so we stayed in youth hostels all through our trip, so you will see hostel in most cities, instead of hotel) My first major brush with the dangers of snow and cars spinning. And I still can remember the chills I had that night sleeping in the car, boy it was soooooooooooo cold. Slept beside all the food at that.


12/27/2001 Thursday

Spent the morning in Nurnberg, finished replacing tires by 1.30 pm - Uff, had a tough time rearranging stuff to fit in the tires. (brushed near tire replacing!!)

Reached Munich (Munchen) by 6.00pm. Saw the city centre, Leopold Strasse - stayed overnight at Haus Intnl on Elizabeth Strasse. Had puliogare and curd rice:)

12/28/2001 Friday

Started early in the morning. Had oeufs (eggs) after a long time:) Breakfast ke baad had a walking tour around Munchen city centre.

Me and Prasanna in Munchen (Munich, Germany) Posted by Picasa

Saw Ludberg's castle, BMW museum, Olympia Village (Of Munchen Olympics in 1972) and again walked on Leopold Strasse for sometime. Right now proceeding to Holocaust. (Shopping in Banhauf - 18DM)

Went to a concentration camp in Dachau. Saw a video and saw how prisoners were treated. Started for Innsbruck (Austria) (Intnl border Germany - Austria) around 2 pm. Had lunch on the way. Saw Alps all through the drive - beautiful snow-capped mountains!!! Reached Innsbruck around 7 pm, checked in, then went to old city and Hauptbanhof and other such places. French Fries in McD;) Came back to the hotel, had fried rice. Just sleeping now!!


Started off the day with Croissant and Cereal for breakfast.

Alps in the early morning, from our hostel in Innsbruck, Austria Posted by Picasa

Then again went to the city centre of Innsbruck too see if we could go atop the Alps. Could not - bad weather. So we covered half the distance ourselves and then took the cable car. WENT ON TOP OF THE ALPS!!!!

Me and bhaiyya On top of the Alps!!!!!! Posted by Picasa

Breathtaking sight!!! Tried shooting as much as one can:) Then went for coffee, bought souvenirs and started for Venice. Crossed another international border Austria - Italy. All through the drive yesterday and today we had the Alps overlooking us. In about 40 km, (as soon as we crossed Austria and got to Italy) there was this sudden transition from snow to sun:) Though it was still cold. The drive from munchen to Innsbruck to Venice was simply superb!!! Alps and Alps and Alps all the way. Currently in Italy it is mindblowing (1 Euro = 2000 Lirae). Considering we shell out around L3000 for 2 half shots of Espresso!!!!:-) Right now looking for accommodation for the night in Venice. Had lunch at the first petrol pump after the Italian border.....

Checked into hotel Col di Lana and then went to check out the night life in Venice. Had pizza in Genos and went back. Reviewed the video cassette till so far.

I have to interrupt my diary again, and fast forward to Jan 2004. When in Bangalore with Atte and Prasanna we discovered that he overwrote our entire, I mean ENTIRE Europe trip video with some idiotic Kannada soap!!!!!:((:(( I should have got that tape with me for safekeeping, boo hoo!!!!


Came to Venice by 9.30 am. (We stayed in Mestre for the night, BTW-Aravind hit the gate too:( ) Went around town by walk, got lost a couple of times:( And the town is absolutely gorgeous. Old fashioned houses, "pathli galis", canals et al. Here, everything moves on water. Buses and taxis are all boats. Canals all over. We went by bus (again, a boat I think) after seeing all places of historical interest/otherwise like "main bridge over Grand canal", San Marro, Murano, Burano, etc. Then we again had pizza for lunch (breakfast in the car:) ) and then we are now headed for Rome. Just hit the Autobahn. Reached a place about 30 kms from Rome at 8 pm. Booked a hotel (Henry hotel) in that place and started for Rome to look for accommodation in the city centre. Futile efforts:( Got lost again. Reached the hotel around 1.00 am. Had tortillas and finished the day.


Have to interrupt again to furnish a little background detail. We managed well with our language in all countries except one, ITALY!!!! Austria, Germany and Belgium were a cake because Prasanna was so fluent in German. Netherlands we managed because it was Aravind's ground. I manages pretty well with my French in France, my knowledge in French has dropped drastically since, I managed talking to cops and all that then;) But in Italy, we had no CLUE!! As soon as we entered Rome, our troubles started. When we got lost we asked for directions and those folks out there didn't know one bit of English. We first asked a man. All he said was an animated "Sampaddddrrrrrrrritto!!" for anything we asked. God only knows what he meant, we were reminded of our famous Hyderabadi directions "Seeeeeeeeedha chale jaao, aajayega". Then we asked a mom-daughter duo and they felt as helpless as us with English:))

Then we had our eternal dumbcharades with everyone as long as we were in Rome. I remember bhaiyya asked the hotel guy about a place to eat in animated sign language, and he gave us directions which took us to some god forsaken place and we saw a couple of tent discos on our way. Then next morning bhiayya just HAD to get his clothes laundered, so he took the bold step of having yet another dumbcharades session with the hotel guy. He went down and asked us to wait in the room and said he would find out where the laundry was, and he came back with a clothes iron in hand. God!!! Aravind and I laughed so much. All bhaiyya said was, I asked him in sign language and showed him "washing clothes" in action and he misunderstood me and gave me this iron!! So we asked, why did you bring it, why didn't you just leave it with him, and he said, I didn't have any more patience to explain to him that this was not what I wanted and I wanted to wash clothes!! So much for our revered game of Dumb C bhiayya:)

Another notable fact in Rome was that laziness was just in the air. All through our trip we never woke any later than 7 am. But in Rome, we just slept like logs, even bhaiyya did!!!! We woke only at 9.30 I remember and were thinking ki aise hi Romans are not lazy, its all in the air. Like you will see in my diary hereafter, we were just plain LAZY in Rome!!!!



Got up veeeeeeeeeerry late (9.30 am). Got ready for another day of exercise and dumb charades with Italians. (they don't know English at all:(, had to dumbC always with them:() Right now still trying to figure out how best to get to Rome. Night at 12.00 am ka plan also we got to make. (Everytime we enter major cities, we pay a toll of L47000!!)


Yet another interruption..Italians are not just lazy, they are also totally lawless and reckless and disciplineless and what-not-all-less. We went around the whole of Rome trying to look for parking, and we saw people everywhere just leaving their cars in the middle of the street, with their blinkers (emergency, hazard lights) turned on, kya style hai parking ka!! And in ALL of Europe, we noticed only in Italy that people change lanes left, right and centre without turning on their indicator lights!!


We then learnt that " All roads DON'T lead to Rome". Got lost a couple of times again. I was navigating for once and then we reached finally at around 3 hrs later (11 am) at the Central Station - Rome (Roma Termi). We researched on options of tours and finally decided that we were best on our own. Searched for a laundromat (remember that interruption note I wrote earlier!!!). Had internet there. After about a week I was checking mails!!! (L3000/hour). But did not have enough time to compose and send out mails:( Bought a calling card, but could not call India. Since it was 8 already, decided to have lunch-cum-dinner. No use:( Finally we sat over coffee (I didn't drink of course!) and decided to stay at Via Del Ponto (I think that was the name) for the midnight New Year celebs. Saw Spanish Steps. Finally had pizza on the streets around 10.30. Waited there near the fireworks for midnight!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2002!!!!!

Me Aravind and Prasanna in downtown Rome for after the New Year 2002 fireworks Posted by Picasa

Fireworks were OK! Too cold, we were shivering.Then we visited the Vatican and came back. I think by the time we steered clear of the human traffic on the roads, the midnight mass was over (??). Slept early after going to the hotel.


Happy New Year!! Still cannot call India:( Got up late (remember the interruption note!!) So hit the road straight for Napoli (Naples) We will be seeing Mt. Vesuvius there. More Later!

Just coming back from Vesuvius. Was a BIG disappointment. We went almost on top of the Mount bit could not go to the peak to see the trough because it was highly, I mean really highly windy. So we just did a touch and go of Vesuvio:( Getting back to Rome to take a walking tour.

Time for interruption. Aravind has all the pics of our Europe trip and I have only a selected few of that whole bunch. I just realized I have very little of Rome. And a whole lot of Paris. Also, Aravind lost his Canon's cap on top of Vesuvius, very sad, he tried to get it, but Prasanna "strongly" discouraged from his doing so, for fear of Aravind following his Canon cap down the hill in the wind:))

Had a walking tour of Rome, saw Colloseum, Foro Romano, Pantheon (from the outside) and a lot of other places like Trojan market, forum of Augustine and Julius Caeser. Then we went to Fonatana di Trevi and Piazza Novona.

Me and Prasanna at Fontana de Trevi Posted by Picasa

Gee- I was navigating. Then we went to Quirinole to see the Palace where the President of the Italian Republic resides. On our way back to the car we had dinner in a restaurant (Ristorante). I had Pizza, Aravind had Lasagna and Prasanna bhaiyya had Ravioli (this was my first time for Ravioli and it was heavenly!!!! Never had a Ravioli like that ever in the US). My egg soup was good. Then on our way back to Henry hotel, we went to "St Angela's Castel". But the one thing I saw on all this itinerary was that we HAD to see "Vittoriano" and take Villa Del Corso ALWAYS!!!:( I don't know jow many more times we would see him:( Bought souvenirs at F. di Trevi) Also had pommes frites (French Fries) and Sundae in McD standing outside.

Foot Note 1: New Year: I was witnessing an important event in the economic history of Europe. From 1 January 2002, the currencies of all the Schengen countries were to be discontinued and the Euro was to be the new standard. I am feeling great to have witnessed this transformation:):):)

Bitte = Please (GERMAN)
Dankes = Thank You (GERMAN)
Alt Stazzionne = Toll Station (ITALIAN)
Prego = Please (ITALIAN)
Grazi = Thanks (ITALIAN)
Bancomat = ATM (ITALIAN)
Banca = Bank (ITALIAN)


Started around 7.30 am to reach Musei Vaticana. Bahut rush:( Finally got in and looked around. had breakfast in the Musei. Amazing place!!! Saw the "THE LAST JUDGEMENT" in Sistine Chapel. Got out around 1.30 pm and ate lunch in some Ristorante. Was a disappointment. We could not get Tiramisu yesterday in the Ristorante and we did not get it today:( Don't know when I will eat it. (Tiramisu is a speciality Italian dessert)


Interrupt: Aravind told us about Tiramisu and that it is a speciality Italian coffee cake. That was the first time I was hearing about it. Which explains why it is in brackets in my diary;) I was waiting to eat it. So effectively I had my first Ravioli and first Lasagna and first Tiramisu in "authentic" Italian land:) When I got back to the US, and now four years hence, I have had loads of these but none to match taste with those first ones in Italy.


Then we went to San Pedro (Vatican). By Gosh!! Was a huge church. We had to beat the 3.30 pm deadline for Colosseum (it was already 3.10), so we ran to that place, but while in the queue, the counter got closed. So watched it from outside, went to see the Pantheon again. This time saw its interior as well. Then we went to Maria Maggiore, San Giovannic. These both are cathedrals (basilicas) as well. Then we went to the Pyramid de Cestio and Porta San Paolo. Then we hit the roads for Firenze (Florence). About three hours from Rome. Just reached Firenze and bhaiyya has gone to look for accommodation for the night. Still not called home:( Looking desperately for a phone booth and TIME SLOTS:( More later!

We checked into Spagna (hotel) and retired for the night about maybe 1 am.


Got up as usual, had breakfast and started out. Saw Duomo and the Ufizi Square. Here the famous sculpture of David could be seen. Went to Gardens of Baboli and Ponte Vechio. They were all great. Then on our way back, finally had Tiramisu, the speciality Italian dessert. We then started for Pisa.

Reached Pisa around 2ish. Saw the Leaning Tower, took pictures (in the highly popular pose of trying to hold it up as well;) ) .

Me at the Leaning Tower of Pisa, Italy Posted by Picasa

Pisa Duomo Tower, Pisa Italy Posted by Picasa

Then we had Pizza yet again and started for Genova.

In Genova (the Italian Riviera) we saw sunset on the beach (which will be a rare sight, if at all, for the next four months in Madison:( ) Then started for Paris. The Final Attraction;)

Started for Paris around 6 pm. Journey from Genova to Paris was estimated as 10-12 hours. Drove all night. Broke the journey about 130 kms from Paris to have a sleep halt.

Continued driving through the early morning. Stopped at a service station around 6. (Crossed the international border Italy - France around 10 in the night)

Foot note 2: The tolls in Italy are too much sometimes up to Euro 25 for a single stretch. Now France too has tolls:( That is one thing I can't forget, how we cursed the Alt Stazziones (Peage gares)

via = rue=strasse=lane


Then while we were proceeding towards Paris (about 50 km) suddenly we hit against the ramp. I am thankful we are in one piece still. There was no vehicle and the ramp really saved us from falling. The fron right tire went flat. We (Aravind and I) walked towards an SOS and called the SOS. I tried to explain to the guy on the other end, our problem in vain in my absolutely horrendous French (just realized that as well:( ) We got help around 8 am , were towed to Muleno and got that thing done.

The car had a dent on its entire right body, so we just took it (after paying that tow guy an amazing Euro 106, for whch we had to go to an ATM in search of money, again relying on my broken French to find our way. We asked at a post office and she gave me directions in pure French:)) Next we checked into the youth hostel on Le Pre de St. Gerais. We could not move in till 2 pm. so decided to see National Car rentals about getting a new car. We finally went around here and there and they agreed to get us a new car. By the time we got one, shifted our Colossal luggage, and returned the old car, we got lost a couple times in Les Rues des Paris. (We told National that we had the accident because the tire burst, the actual story was quite the opposite;) )

Ok, today is 8. Tomorrow I am leaving. I am way back in my diary. Let me see how much I can remember.

Yeah, so after that eventful day, we went in the evening to Eiffel Tower. We saw it by the night. Took pictures.

La Tour Eiffel (Can you see the blue spot in the lower part, that is bhaiyya;) ) Posted by Picasa

We decided to go up the tower the next day. Then we walked the streets until we came up to the Statue of Liberty. Well, it looked the same as the one in the US:)

Statue of Liberty, Paris. Americans in Paris modeled this one after the one in New York, its next to Pont de Grenelle a bridge on Seine. Posted by Picasa

Me at the Statue of Liberty in Paris Posted by Picasa

Then we came back home. (Before I forget, we did all the traveling in Paris by the Metro, my god!!! that traffic) We had Puliogare and white rice and slept off.


Got up and had "kett" breakfast, started off on sightseeing travails. We first went to see Louvre (which took up the entire morning). Saw a lot of things like the Mona Lisa, Statue of Venus, etc. Very Huuuuuuuuge Museum. Saw the foundation too.

Admiring a statue in Louvre, Paris Posted by Picasa

An amazing masterpiece showing all highlights of Rome, I liked this one better than Mona Lisa!!!! Louvre, Paris. Posted by Picasa

One more for Rome. Louvre, Paris Posted by Picasa

Me and Prasanna at the basement of Louvre Posted by Picasa

Got out of Louvre and walked along the Gardens of Carousel and Jardins des Tuileries. Then at the end of Jardins des Tuileries, I had Goiffures (Chocolat et Chantilly), was yummmmmmmmm!!! I have a pic too;)

Goiffures in Downtown Paris Posted by Picasa

Then we headed for Eiffel Tower. We reached Eiffel just before sunset and had pommes frites (French for Fries). Then got on the top of Eiffel. Saw the model of Eiffel and Edison sitting on the top.

We came down and went over to see Arc de Triomphe and Avenue des Champs Elysees.

Ard de Triomphe Memorial Posted by Picasa

Me at Arc de Triomphe Posted by Picasa

Aravind and Prasanna at Arc de Triomphe Posted by Picasa

We had good desserts in Brioche Doree. We walked on Avenue des Champs Elysees and went on to see La Defense (saw the opera too) and Lafayette Galleries. (The second one was closed). Then we came home and slept. (had fried rice for the night)


Got up and again had "kett" breakfast. Checked out. Kept our luggage in the car and went to see Sacre Coeur. Boy! I had to climp so many steps.

Sacre Cour (Sacred Heart) Paris, see me and bhaiyya at the top? Posted by Picasa

Then came back and bought souvenirs. Then went to Notre Dame.

Notre Dame Front view. Paris Posted by Picasa

Notre Dame from behind, can you spot Divya?;)Paris Posted by Picasa

After that we walked a long while until we came to the Palais Royale. On the way we saw Pont Neuf too.

Me near the fork in River Seine in the heart of Paris on Pont Neuf (Bridge 9) Posted by Picasa

We then came back to the hostel to take the car and head for Brussels.

CAR MISSING!!! We could not find it, we searched for a long time!! We went in and enquired at the hostel reception desk. They said the police might have towed it. So we just stood around for sometime. The reception called up the police and let us know that they MIGHT have towed the car and that we could not get it today as it was a Sunday. We told them we left all our luggage in the car and so they gave us the police station's address and asked us to find out there. (This after he said that he would bear the charges 50-50 as the misunderstanding we had about the no park was partly his fault too)

So we reached the police station. Huh!!! One more experience. This was where I was reminded of our Tamil/Telugu movies where the pathetic plight of the victim's mom is shown where she goes between police stations to only hear a callous "This is not our jurisdiction!!". When we went there, we had to ask that officer for special consideration in getting out the car that was towed. (That guy was, thank god, English speaking).

But after all this confusion, that officer told us that the car was not with him. According to him, on the lane where we had parked, one side belonged to his jurisdiction and the other side belonged to someone else. That place was very far so we had to take the bus. (And pssst..we traveled ticketless).

Then after taking the bus, and after asking the driver about the place, we went searching for the police station. We finally found it out and those people flatly refused to get the car out that day. (Moreover, they didn't speak English!!) Later a lady, who knew English, came by and we convinced her that ours was an exceptional case (we again lied that I had to take a flight the next day;) ) so she directed us to the place where the car was (after a lot of confusion and explaining that the car could go in as it went in the morning, but could not come out now as it was afternoon).

My cousins left for that place and I stayed back at the police station. They came back around an hour and a half later (meanwhile I was witness to a person being jailed, again my first time in life event, not in India). They came back but with papers and then we went back to the tow-guys place (after getting a ticket of Euro 35 for parking in a no park). I still can remember that tow-guy's HUGE dog, very scary, and his struggles with Math:))

Finally got the car out and went back to the youth hostel, had an argument with that fellow over sharing the fine (tow ka Euro 97), he refused and we just went back. After pizza (in Pizza di Roma) went ahead to go to Brussels. (International border France - Belgique). Reached Brussels around 10.40. But by the time we could search for the youth hostel (we booked it in Paris) it was 12.40 - 1.00 am. Too tired, just went to sleep.


We got up pretty early, had breakfast and went sightseeing in Brussels. We saw Mannekan-Pis too:) Then we saw a Cocoa and Chocolate Museum (only on the outside, Prasanna refused to let me go in:(( ). Also we went around downtown Brussels and saw the Royal Palace.

Me at Mannekan Pis in downtown Brussels Posted by Picasa

Belgian Grand Palace in Brussels Posted by Picasa

Me at the Chocolate Museum in Brussels Posted by Picasa

Bought some pieces of lacework (famous in Brussels). Went to a cafe and started for Mini Europe. We went there and found that this thing was closed for I don't know what, till March. So we just went across the street. Aravind climbed up a wall and he shot that whole thing (as much as could be seen) and then he came down and took me up (this was the fourth effort to get me up, I used to weigh close to 143 lbs then;) ). So FINALLY I saw it!

Then we had pizza in Pizza Hut, we saw the Godiva factory in Brussels on our way to Atomium. We also went to the EU (European Union) Headquarters building (or was it the EU Parliament, I don't remember). We then headed back for Netherlands.

Me at the EU Headquarters in Belgium Posted by Picasa

We reached Hilversum about 4.00 pm. Home Sweet Home!!

Aravind at his place in Hilversum, NL Posted by Picasa

Went home and started back for Amsterdam to return the car. At the airport we had to clear out the car's details with that guy. We then saw a flight model shop , had pommes frites, and same back to Hilversum by train. Reached about 8 pm and went to Aravind's friend's place for dinner. Finished the day after narrating the trip's happenings to his friends.


Ok, some relax time!!! Got up around 9 in the morning. Sat before the comp after a long time FOR a long time. Meanwhile my cousins finished getting ready. Then I got ready and we went out. Did some shopping (window mostly:P). Then we came back and had some food, did some timepass by watching our trip video. Then we went out again in the evening for chocolates. Came back. While bhaiyya was making Alu Parothas for us, Aravind and I went to get Hera Pheri. Then we had dinner while watching that movie. BTW Aravind made custard for me;)

We retired for the day around 2 am. Got to get up early the next day, I was leaving:((


Well, I got up at half past 6 and then got ready. Aravind and I went to the station and took the 7.50 am train to Schipol. I did some wishful thinking that the flight should be overbooked. (because we tried postponing my journey on the 8 and it didn't work out)

So we reached Schipol and the flight was overbooked!!!! Aravind and I were so happy. Had egg and cheese sandwich and hashbrowns at Schipol. Then I went in and after about an hour, they told me they would take me to their office, give me a compensation of Euro 450 and rebook me for the 15. ( I asked for 15 as school was starting on the 21 I think) But in the last minute they informed me that someone from the executive class didn't show up and so they put me in that place. I still remember A1, right behind the cockpit;) My first Exec class travel:P

Earlier I had sent a message for Aravind saying that I was still there, not they said they would not be able to let me out, and told me that they would let him know.

That is the end of it all. I sat in the flight for 8 hours, reached Chicago. Missed Kaumudi at the airport and asked her to come directly to the bus/shuttle centre. We took the 2.30 pm bus (Van Galder) and came home. That is about it then!!

I must add and can add any number of times, that but for bhaiyya and Aravind, I would have never been out and seen so much of Europe. Something that everyone dreams about. Thanks to you mere bhai, again and again:)



Anonymous said...

Very good job done. Incredible. Keep it up and wish u many more trips and joyful moments. Love-Mom.

Anonymous said...

Very good job done. Incredible. Keep it up and wish u many more trips and joyful moments. Love-Mom.

HNM Prasad said...

The spirit of adventure in you was evident in our trips to Niagara and LA/LV.

I hope we will soon be rich enough to make an European tour with you and......

You wished that the flight home was overbooked ! My wish is for a total ban on air travel !! But like all good things our trip also has to come to an end !!!.....daad

Prasanna Saligram said...

Hey Div,

When I read it today I really got a nostalgic feeling of all the things that we did on that trip. I cant forget ur eating of the sweets and the chocolaty things.

You could have explained a little more of how at one point of time all the three of us were sleeping in the car with the car moving and only got up after it hit the ramp on the outskirts of Paris!!! Phew!! it still gives me goose pimples.

I am still hoping we will get hold of the videos some day!!

Bujjulu said...

Wow.. felt like I was there in Europe for while admiring the beauty of nature and art combined. fantastic writin DivSu :)

Wish u many more adventurous and amazing trips...

so long

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