Monday, December 19, 2005

Pride and Prejudice

Yeah Teju, this one has to have a place in our blogs;) So much influence:P

I went to watch Pride and Prejudice yesterday. The one that has Keira Knightley. Yes the one that is made a decade after the best Pride and Prejudice you will ever see;)

I wanted to write a review for this one, but, I am incapable of. I have seen the 1995 one so many times, yes when I say many, I mean many, that I can never judge another Pride and Prejudice without prejudice;) The movie (2005) was OK. I went to the cinema with a notion that I will not like the movie, so there ends all the hope of fair criticism:) It changed some parts of the story, cut short many more, but overall it did a decent job. It didn't totally murder the book, it did the best it could when dealing with a 2 hour slot in which to show a 6-hr worth movie. BUT I have to say one thing FOR this movie, it was definitely more realistic. Way way way more dirt shown in the Bennet household than the 1995 series even dared to explore:) The 1995 series had everyone "talking" about how the Bennet's were going definitely on the way to becoming poor, how unless one of the girls married rich, their hopes were all dashed, and so on and so forth. But only when you watch the 2005 movie you realize, how poor they really ARE. How much dirt is really there under their feet in their home:) How broken and dilapidated Longbourn really is. The 1995 one tried, but it was no where close to this one in showing the actual misery:)

So kudos to this movie for being more realistic:) And kudos to 1995 for how much it entertains:)

And kudos to Jane Austen for her unrivalled wit and sarcasm!:) And for being a perfect connoisseur of human folly!!!!!


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