Monday, May 07, 2012

Satyamev Jayate

Everyone on my Facebook wall is going ga-ga over Satyamev Jayate. I did not watch it myself. I have a re-run scheduled for recording tomorrow and will see it. I heard he has taken on the topic of female foeticide very well and the format is really good.

Aamir is a great guy. I really have a lot of respect for him as an actor and a human being. He has the clout and the mind-share to make a difference if he wants to. But I want to reserve further praise on his TV show till I see more episodes and what topics he takes on in the future.

Female Foeticide is an easy topic. We can find numerous examples, plenty of data, shocking stories even in cities and the so called modern India. Shock value is definitely there. It is a very little ask in terms if risk-taking since it targets common people, the normal citizens who cannot really come back and kill you for showing their misdeeds on air.

If I can see Aamir take on a few more sensitive topics like corruption in government agencies (especially public works departments), distortion in history and how we have been fed lies over ages in the name of history (and I am not even talking about >50 years' history: post-independence era, modern history itself will suffice to generate shock), how communal/regional/divisive politics have caused unending damage to economy etc, then I will give him a standing ovation. That is a task which is not easy, is riddled with risk, which needs to be done NOW to offer any redemption from the way the country is going to the dogs AND more importantly is not very easy for a man on the street to take on. Aamir can. He has all the muscle needed for pulling off such a thing. But will he?

(I know this is putting too much responsibility on an individual while washing our own hands off of serious issues, but if someone has taken on a huge project like this one, might as well take it all the way and do something really worthwhile with it)

Will probably share more opinions on this show once I watch it ;)


Monish Vemula said...

Since 2005? wow!! you've picked a great hobby, or is it more than that? Some of the reads are really nice, congratulations!!

Aamir has been a man with undisclosed agendas, i will be surprised if you can get a scent of those based on what is aired. Furthermore, it depends on whether he is actually behind SMJ or just a face of it.

Anonymous said...

hmm . I read in a website a handicapped girl asking him to focus on their cause. Very valid.I was touched reading her response in some remote corner of some website.May be her voice will drown in the million messages he has been receiving. What do we know about their challenges. I think this is a effort to reach out to the common man with their day to day struggle.Not sure if he will address explosive issues. If he does that , then well and good. Let's keep hope. we have 12 more episodes!!

Nandakumar said...

Salot karte hai Amir ji apko, aaj tak jab bhi apki koi film TV per ati hamare bache bolte papa apka Favorite hero ki fil hai , ab to ap ne kamaal kar diya bache bhi apke diwane ho gaye , pahli bar aisa hua ki hare bachon ne kaha PAPA koi serial nahi koi film nahi, sirf Satyamev Jayate dekhana hai , or pahli bar hum sabhi ki aankho mai anshu agye Bus is mission ko ajnam tak phuchana hai hum apke sath hai

Anonymous said...

Does anyone see We The People? It tackles most of what you have mentioned... Poor Barkha, doesn't get even the tenth of mention of what's been said about SMJ. Not to put Aamir down here, atleast he's doing his bit, but something came to my mind, in how people react to a
movie celebrity in India,Vs. a highly knowledgeable female doing the same, week in and week out doesn't even garner a mention somewhere. It only says what a movie crazy nation we are! A common man's moral sensibility is awakened only when a superstar takes it up on himself to put forth an issue:((. Wake up Common Man. Something is seriously wrong.

DivSu said...

@Monish - thank you!
@Anonymous - exactly!
@Anonymous2 - Barkha Dutt? Really? Are you kidding me?

Anonymous said...

I think the issues that are discussed on the shows is the point. And people's reaction to SMJ is what am surprised at. Anchor is of least importance. Be it Aamir or Barkha, they are the same... What are we doing about it and what can we do to make a sad situation better should be the question at the end of show and not who did it, and how he cried!!

PS: I like all my khans and mOvies, but don't need them to make me aware of what's going on.

DivSu said...

@Anonymous - Assuming you are the same anonymous that commented earlier - Barkha Dutt? Again? I have no words. Don't you know that anything she airs has a big political agenda behind it with significant financial gains for her? And you want to trust her shows to take on political bug wigs? I have zero respect for media persons who peddle for politicians.

Smitha said...

lol....on barkha dutt....

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