Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Oh baby!

So my sister had a son yesterday. I think the whole process was relatively smooth and I for one am glad she did not have to go the C-section route - painful days following labour when you are already confused and hyper hormonal especially after first kid. I am glad, glad, glad for her!

This month, we have two ceremonies for mother in law (did I mention we managed to have ALL of them so far at home? Yay!! for that :) ). One on 12th (this is the 171st day one and is considered very important and apparently has to be followed whether or not we follow monthly ones) and the other is the regular monthly one on 20th. I have no idea if we should go before 12th (which leaves just this weekend) or after 20th or in between the two dates. I think we will decide based on when they want to have the "baarasala" which is the naming/cradle ceremony.


SK said...

Congrats to you and your sister ad your family!!! :--)

DivSu said...

Thanks SK!

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