Friday, May 04, 2012


Thanks to the water situation at home. It has been a tough 2 months so far with water. No water to be had from BWSSB. Our borewell had run dry 3 years ago anyways and this summer the situation has worsened thanks to BWSSB's tankers also going haywire. We have to keep calling them for 2-3 days at least before they come and give water. This morning, there was not a drop of water at home and no guaranteed supply in the near future - all tankers say they will come but never show up. About 50 calls made since 3 days. And the story is not very rosy with private tankers either :( Then I see all that rain water getting logged on the underpass and simply wasted. Lakes polluted and all the rain water catchments also wasted that way - just waste and waste everywhere :(

Now I am going to research how I can tap rain water and feed it directly into the sump at  home. We already have rain water harvesting but it goes directly into the ground - even so, that has not helped the borewell pump any more water:( So need to work on this some more. It is a pity that we have so much rain and hardly any water which we can use out of it. Something has got to be done now.

Then I came to work and saw some more waste. Some guy printed blown-up copies of his passport on A4 sheets - in colour! Not one, not two but 6 sheets!! Then someone laid them out neatly on the table and put a post-it on it saying - "This is how we waste Cisco's resources". I liked it. I should have done the same too. Then there was a whole bunch of A4 white sheets lying in the printer tray with staple pins on them - pure white sheets with pins on them. Thanks to that junk printer - now they are neither print-outs nor are they re-usable A4s. I tried to remove the pins and put the papers back in the tray but it did not work - the staples were too clingy and were tearing the sheets. Since my notebook is anyways getting over, I got them to my office, put binder clips on them and am going to use these papers as a notebook going forward - my own redemption to all the wastage I see around me :(


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