Friday, May 04, 2012

Ref:CitizenMatters Article on the jam

Blame game on from BDA. This road was heavenly - the Kadubeesanahalli junction was not a major one and the road was wide with the service roads on either side itself holding 2 lanes each of traffic. The main road easily serviced 4 and 4 lanes on either side. That is a whopping 12 lane road. And I have no idea why we even needed an underpass here. The whole concept of a signal-free ORR is already going to the dogs. Since they started work on this underpass two years ago - the road has become more and more of a nightmare :( And I shudder to even think of how many hundreds of crores have gone into creating this nightmare - it is like we pay taxes to make our lives miserable!

And if this does not make my blood boil - there is some more:

A Public Interest Litigation(PIL) filed by Citizen's Action Forum (CAF), Koramangala residents and others, challenging BDA's project is already in the High Court of Karnataka. BDA had started work in four Koramangala junctions - St John's hospital, Krupanidhi, Koramangala 80 ft road and Jakkasandra junctions, initially saying minimal or no land acquisition would be required along this stretch.
The High Court had initially issued a stay order on the work on February 27th. But BDA filed its written objections, on March 20th saying no land acquisition was required and that it had already issued Work Orders (WOs) for the four junctions. On March 28th, the court ordered for the work to be resumed.
But three days later, on March 31st, BDA shot off letters to Indian Institute of Astrophysics and St John's hospital at the Madiwala end of Sarjapur road, saying land had to be acquired from them. IIA will lose about 384 sq m of land. From St John's, 2067 sq m land will be acquired, most of it from along the IRR side.
The PIL petitioners have already pointed out that BDA's action amounts to perjury. Sajan Poovayya, lawyer for the petitioners, says that this warrants a case in itself. "A separate criminal case can be filed against BDA for the offence of perjury. But our focus is on the original issue of grade separators, so we may not pursue the perjury case," he says.

What can one say. The BDA is a mess and politicians interfering with those very few people who want to do something good for the city, does not help!


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