Thursday, May 10, 2012

18 minutes!!

Today - after nearly 2 years - I got to work in 18 minutes!! Of course I took my back road - but still, it was not clogged at Bellandur and I managed to get to campus in 18 minutes! I was thrilled to bits and ecstatic. Airport road gets worse and worse everyday so I decided to give my back road one week to see the average commute times and convert back to this. It did not disappoint today!!


Anonymous said...

it had rained in the evening i think couple of days back. the traffic was at full stop near that narrow bridge close to half an hour, reason people trying to get early and causing two way lane and hence blocking.

SM said...

You know what, when I saw the title of th epost, without reading the post, I guessed the 18 minutes would be the time you took for the commute..and my guess was correct too :)

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