Tuesday, March 31, 2009


So I spent the long weekend (and unfortunately the new years one for us) taking more than 10 hours worth of escalation calls. Thankfully though, the world (read North America) doesn't work on weekends and so I was off the hook for a good part of Sunday, and we spent it making Pani Puris at home and eating it. How yumm is that, I ask ya? Totally needed after that draining weekend.

So needless to say I was so not g forward to Monday. Especially considering I am off Wednesday onwards this week. I asked the director of engineering very nervously if I can still take my much needed vacation and he said it shouldn't be an issue. So I thanked my stars (and my director) profusely. But now is the problem. I have to carry L all the way to Hyd. And considering that it is a monstrous 4 KG, I hate it. Every time I try to leave it back when going out of town, but somehow I end up taking it (rather having to take it) always :( Now I have to make sure I check emails regularly, take calls if needed etc etc.

But heck, I am going to Hyd, so shut up and work :)

So again, after the digression, I was not looking forward to Monday at all, since I knew I had only 2 days in the week to do as much as possible to avoid ruining the vacation later on in the week. But for all that dreading-Monday syndrome, my Monday was really nice. Morning started off with a nice brainstorming session with all the tech leads here, I love it when I am in a room full of engineers discussing issues and speculating possibilities, it automatically brings so much energy, I don't feel like leaving the room ever. But we had to pull ourselves into another bigger meeting from there and the rest of the day was spent, talking to people, running up to the lab, talking to more people, providing status, running up to the lab, lunching, running up to the lab, helping my group engineers sort out some issues, talking to more people and so on. You get the drift. But all in all, if all my days were this busy and productive, I'd have no complaints about work ;)

The only thing I missed is the evening "T" session with pals @ work and also completely forgot that we were due at the ARO office to get photographed for the EPIC. I don't think I can make it today, but today is the last day. So I am just hoping, EPIC or not, our names somehow get into that voters' list.



Smitha said...

Happy Ugadi Divs! Enjoy your holiday in Hyd...How many days are you off?
Take care

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