Thursday, March 26, 2009

I dont have a title for this..

One of my colleagues was wondering why my posts are getting irregular. The only defense I have is (a) being too overloaded on all fronts and (b) as a result of (a) I tend to slack off whenever I get the chance.

But the real reason would be that I do not have anything "nice" or "interesting" or "funny" to write about. The same messy politics on TV. Nothing new to make fun of or provide interesting insights on.

@ work, I've had a really bad day this week (which I think is probably more in my mind than on others' minds (hopefully!)), and normally I don't like to post when I am not in a "good" mood.

I am on a critical customer escalation right now and my really bad day @ work this week was unfortunately related to this, I didn't handle a certain internal discussion well, and I felt like kicking myself for it :( Now I feel everyone is looking at me with a disapproving eye although my guru @ work here asked me to not sweat it out too much. Now on a call, without knowing when it would even go on till! I am just hoping it will end soon, this mess.

So summary is, I didn't post because either I was not in a good "post-worthy" mood, or even when I was I didn't have anything significant to say ;) Now that I have cribbed enough, let me get back to waiting for an analysis of some data I gave :)

Happy Ugadi to all of you folks !!


Anonymous said...

Happy Ugadi to you too !!

Anonymous said...

you are a smart and tough cookie and you'll get through it. Just let it slide.


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