Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Good stuff

Today I felt touched. By someone's generosity of affection :)

I made this bunch of friends @ work when I moved back last year. We have lunch together, and I surprised my old team-mates from SJ when I told them I go to the cafeteria everyday to have lunch (spotting me in SJ campus cafeteria was a positive shock to those guys back then). I hate missing my lunch sessions and try my best to not avoid it if I can.

Anyways, so I am at the threshold of a change at work and this gang was by far more excited than I was about it. I guess I was a just a little bit excited but a lot more nervous. But these guys were all charged up and excited and wanted to celebrate and I had no words. I was just overwhelmed and felt blessed :)

Here is to a lasting friendship to everyone at my lunch table :)


Anonymous said...

What is change at work? Could not get the context.

Smitha said...

that was sweet of them

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