Tuesday, September 23, 2008

You know you are growing old when..

..a big majority of actresses on screen are actually way younger than you are!

Of course there are a lot of ways to figure you are growing old but this one is my latest discovery. Gone are the days when a Raveena Tandon or a Sushmita Sen or an Aishwarya Rai were women who you would call "didi" or even "aunty" in outside life. Now it is a Deepika Padukone, who would probably call YOU a "didi" in outside life.

What's next? Of course the next crop of actresses who might call you "aunty" in outside life. THAT would be when I am REALLY old ;)


Kishan said...

Following your theory, I am (actually all the guys) not going to get old any soon. The same actors (all the khans) who reigned when I was a kid are still hanging around. :)

DivSu said...

I know! So unfair isn't it? But you should look at the Ranbir Kapoors ;)

Rupa said...


You just stole my words....this is how I exactly feel looking at these actresses.....and also in addition to this when a few kids start calling you aunty , few still call me didi...but I can see the aunty count increasing slowly and gradually....
Only when I come closer to such encounters I feel am growing old else for myself I am still the same.....fun and strange !

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