Friday, September 26, 2008

Obstacle or variety?

I just realized this is my 300th post. Yay!!

The other day while I was busy getting things started for cooking lunch, the gas cylinder ran out of ..well..gas!

The brinjal I put in the pan had not even started to soften yet. The cooker had given out one or maybe two whistles, certainly not done and the milk I put on to boil was just getting warm. Phew! Problem, people!

I had to decide what to do. I didn't want to leave everything as is because they were sure to be spoilt by the evening. Then I looked at the microwave and had an idea. I put the milk to boil in the microwave, I gave the brinjal pieces to the maid (asked her to make something out of it when she got home) and I waited for the cooker to cool down. I checked later and voila! the rice was done and so was the dal except that the dal had mooli in it (I was going to make Mooli sambar). So I decided to make the best use of this situation and packed avakaya pickle plain dal sans mooli and curd rice for lunch. Sieving the moolis out of the dal was a fun exercise actually ;)

Subhash said he liked his lunch very much, which, needless to say made me extremely happy ;)

I don't normally complain when I lose some conveniences. That attitude came by handy and I actually enjoyed this unexpected obstacle in my daily morning routine!! It brought a variety into my otherwise very predictable mornings ;)


Hob Gadling said...

See back at home when that happens and there isn't a spare cylinder handy, my mom calls me and my bro and we shake the cylinder and then u get some leftover gas... No jokes!

Anonymous said...

Good one Divs!!

You make such profound stmts and observations from mundane incidents.
Very nice :--)


DivSu said...

@Hob - Really? I should try that next time ya ;)

Z - All embarrassed (sheepish grin), was it so profound? :P

Aysosceles said...

I wasted time reading this post,so I'll get back to basics now -microwave the left over pasta i.e. Happy cooking.

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