Saturday, September 06, 2008

How white!


When Subhash first landed in the US, I took him to Kohl's down El Camino in Santa Clara. We went in and saw very few people and almost all of them desi. He exclaimed at the sight and wondered aloud about where the phirangs were. Apparently he saw more phirangs in Bangalore than in Santa Clara.


We went to LifeStyle today and the number of phirangs I saw there amazed me. Now I can understand what he went through just coming from Bangalore and landing in the great Bay Area. I think I saw more phirangs today than I ever saw together in one deparmental store in the Bay Area.

What can I say? ;) Except --

"I believe in Namma Bengaluru". Ha!

(I believe in Bangalore is a hep thing these days being advertised by one DNA group, hoardings all over the place. Some go "Even New York has traffic jams". I believe in Bangalore" etc. you get the idea. Of course I have to be retro-cool and say "Namma Bengaluru" (Our Bangalore in Kannada) )


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