Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Interviews and concepts

So I had to interview this person today. Yet another Cisco-hopeful. Yet another lateral hire.

Yet another disappointment.

One singular lesson I've learnt from all my interviewing sessions so far -- If you don't know the answer, say so sooner than later. And say it, rather than going on and on into a quagmire of never ending Q & As. And never piss the interviewer off by saying that he/she is wrong ;)

This guy was supposedly the Multicast component lead in his work place. First question I ask, he drew three routers and started explaining how PIM protocol works. It wasn't even what I asked, for chrissakes!! Well, I gave him a patient hearing, then realized that any question I ask outside of that diagram was a bomber for him. Zero. Zilch. And this guy has been around in the industry for 7 years (which is donkey's years if you think about it!)

And then he went on to the "Ulta chor Kotwal ko daante" mode which so pisses me off when I am interviewing someone. For nuts man, I will not ask a question that I am myself not confident about so you have to give some credit if I ask you to re-think your answer. Well, anyway, such people make super entertainment material either ways ;)

I am not a great person with concepts myself. Especially in interviews :) But that I would see people who are even more concept-less than I am has stopped taking me by surprise now ;)



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