Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Some time I am having! A ball? A party? A mess? I can't name it.

I am in the eye of a hurricane, swirling fast around my own axis. My brain is steaming from all that scripting. Yesterday I was even saying something to Subhash along the lines of, "Given this situation, this should be done, its like if you have the -situation argument, this is the test case to be executed" Gosh! Damn my brain and the way it becomes when it gets overworked.

Usually when I get offered a ride home from work, I feel I was a good girl that day so this is how I get rewarded. But the last three days I have been feeling like a mad nut, a terrible person and what not, and yet someone or the other of my colleagues caught me walking to the bus stop and dropped me to the bus-stop/home (couple days it was colleagues who live in the same apartment so it was all the way home!)

So maybe I am thinking I am being bad when I am actually being good. Or maybe my definition of good/bad is all skewed up? Or maybe I don't even know what I am thinking or talking? (The last one is more like it)

Well, anyway, one sad news was that one of the Cisco employees here was killed during his ride home very close to our office :( Such a sad and unnecessary ending. Poor guy left behind a wife and a 3-year old. Every time I think about someone who died pre-maturely, I feel more terrible about the people he/she left behind. Such a loss. Such grief! Sigh!


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