Monday, April 08, 2013

And so I turn a year older..

I love birthdays, especially if it is mine. I like the date so much, I am almost in love with it. I check my monitor screen 2-3 times just because I like to see the date there. I eagerly wait for it when April starts and feel really sad when the day passes away.

So today is my birthday. My mom and father in law had come back to Bangalore to be with us. I wish my dad was able to come too, but no regrets :) We shopped yesterday for new clothes, new watches and new sunglasses (I lost my old pair :( ). Loved it!

Day started off as usual with everyone at home wishing. Son refused to wish saying, he will order me a McQueen cake and get me gifts (a McQueen car and a Disco car, mind you!) and wish me, all in due time. Not today, in due time! I am not sure when that would come ;)

Lots of folks called in the morning, aunts, cousins, my beshtesht friend etc But my co-sister clinched the day - she actually called and sang the whole birthday song! It made my day, I was so touched :)

Then at work, people wished, thanks to Facebook everyone knew ;)

Evening my team sprang a surprise on me with a birthday cake, which said, Happy Birthday and "The Boss" in the bottom. One of the guys in my team, actually got me a birthday card with some nice poetry and very nice stuff written in it - it was like getting transported to a bygone era where we actually got a lot of cards for every birthday. Amazing!

Lunch gang met up again at 4 and shared some cake :) (Only regret being that we were not able to catch up with one of the guys today, I so wanted to :( )

Subhash came home early - very early!

So many wishes on Facebook too :)

So, what is not to love about a birthday!!!


Anonymous said...

Belated Happy Birthday. Have a wonderful year ahead :) ...Chaitra

DivSu said...

Thank you Chaitra!

Anonymous said...

Was so surprised about your second one. Did your eldest one ask for a sibling :-) All the Best

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