Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Five years!

This Sunday, it was five years since we moved back to India. It has been a great time here, and luckily after the first five, we are still very happy that we made the decision.

One of the main reasons why we moved back, my mother in law, is no longer with us. But we are always glad that we moved when we did. We were able to have my in laws live with us during the last years of her life and we were able to stand by my father-in-law when he perhaps needed us the most. I cannot imagine how the guilt of leaving him alone in India and having to travel back to the US after she passed away would have eaten us up from the inside - luckily, we never had to make that choice. This is by far the biggest satisfaction I have derived from making that decision and making it in time.

Often we have thought about if migrating back was an option for us - now that my mother-in-law has moved on to the higher worlds. But every single time, the answer has come back a strong no. Especially westward migrations (Europe or Americas), primarily for the weather, culture and daily life (not having household help is now a big NO NO for me, just puts me off!).

This year though, the mood is sombre. I have seen two disastrous democratic elections in my lifetime from close quarters - one 2004, when Bush was re-elected - it just baffled me. One 2009, when UPA was re-elected. Again I was baffled. When you live here, especially in a city, you realize how much harm the political environment is bringing about every single day. Every day, the quality of life and infrastructure seems to visibly deteriorate :( There is people on one side fighting for basic necessities and there is politicians on one side - visibly ignorant of this plight of the populace and busy fighting for who gets the most largesse from power.

But there is hope. I see every single day, how a power-cut-and-load-shedding-free Bangalore is made possible by one honest and well-intending babu who heads BESCOM. He has run the org like a private corporation and mobilized all of its employees to really perform and perform for the citizens. (really, our inverter was out of action for two weeks till last night, and every day I woke up half dreading a power cut but equally confident in BESCOM for not putting me through one! I don't think any other public utility service can boast of gaining so much of its citizenry's confidence. Do search for him and read up if you have the time). Now if only BBMP and BWSSB had similar babus :( But I hope too much!

I believe, if more such can come together, the cities can really start looking and feeling much better. I see so many middle-class citizens actively voicing concerns with the reality of things, mobilizing forums where problems are sought to be solved and people are forced to sit up and take notice. More "good politicians" trying to fight elections.  And so on, the list is endless - only to be topped by my one last hope for an Obama-esque leader, one you can hope on and vote for - NaMo. If only the BJP does not mess up big-time.

2013 State elections in Karnataka and 2014 national elections will turn the tide for this city and my country, I hope! I also hope to contribute to it in my own little way, with whatever little time and resources I have - so I have a sense of giving back to this country when it needed it most!

Here is hoping for many more happy years in this land! :) And wishing this land will once again be prosperous - not very long from now!


Anonymous said...

I wonder, if it is the same in rural places surrounding Bangalore. May be it comes at the expense of those. Rule of thumb is usually, cities get priority over rural places..etc. If not, i applaud this person's work ethic.

DivSu said...

@Anonymous - someone else also seemed to have the same questions - it is a huge coincidence (?) that he explained the Urban-Rural logistics in a long facebook post just yesterday and I thought it was fairly reasonable.

Anonymous said...

BJP-such a depressing peformance in KAR in the last few years, the huge mining scam .Even if Modi did the canvassing in KAR,he is not the one going to be the CM for KAR. The Congress is another one laden with corruption at the national level.
Which one are you choosing for KAR??

DivSu said...

Yes, unfortunately it is a choice between the lesser of two evils:( For all the harm they have wrought on this country, my vote will never go to Congress no matter what.

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