Sunday, February 06, 2011

Medici - A restaurant review

Today we finally went to Medici. We always saw this place on our umpteen trips around 100ft road but never went in because Subhash thought its name was too much like medicine (what a reason?!)

Today we wanted to have dinner out and wanted to try something new (after feeling yesterday that we aren't exploring enough). So I read up reviews for Medici on Burrp and decided to try it.

No regrets at all.

The folks on Burrp said that the bread basket was awesome. And so it was. I have never had a better bread basket in any restaurants I have dined at, any place in the world (including ones in Europe, yeah). It was an assortment of warm, fluffy and delightful breads with olive oil+vinegar served without asking for it (that is a new for Bangalore restaurants, I always have to ask for Olive oil and Vinegar with bread here).

We then had the Caesar salad. Awesome again. My Litchee cream drink was simply superb.

The Ravioli and Pizza were passable stuff, nothing to rave about, but certainly better than average. 

The waiters were very friendly and helpful. We initially sat at an inner table and then requested to be moved towards the towering glass wall so that the son could look at cars as much as he wanted and this was a blessing. He let us have our meal in peace since he was too busy watching cars and bikes on the road. Then one of the staff asked us if he could play with him and we agreed and the poor guy carried the son around the place till we finished dinner. Quiet peaceful meal. Awesomeness!

Planning to make this place our newest default. So long Zen!! ;)


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