Thursday, January 27, 2011

16 months!

Perhaps his quietest month birthday. I am just glad that he has been doing ok for the first time in 3-4 days without throwing up or having diarrhea. Wanted to give him a break from the daycare so for the next two days, back to our pre-daycare routine. Me goes in the morning to work, comes back before lunch and then Subhash leaves. Hoping that with one week away from daycare, his virus will be completely cured and he will be ready to go back. One of his daycare teachers called today to find out how he was, I told her he is getting better. She was a little worried about him since she saw him throwing up on Monday. How sweet!

Incidentally today is the day I went into a corporate office to work for the first time. 8 years ago. I started out without knowing how it would turn out and with no set plans. I just needed a job which would pay. Luckily it worked out well so far and 8 years by, I am still hanging in there without much to complain about and actually enjoying it :) I do have some lucky stars to thank I guess :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Divya

Prayers and lots of good wishes. I am sure he will get well soon.

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