Sunday, January 09, 2011

Pampering engineers

I was taking an after lunch stroll with one of my colleagues who happens to be this great admin. And she now has to take on additional responsibilities for an entire floor. So I was telling her, that might be a lot of work and she said, it really depends on how pampered the engineers are. If the manager pampers them, then they think they can get anything. Anything they wish for is a command and they begin to think that they can wish for anything. So I was a little curious. I asked her how one can tell if engineers are pampered or not. I never had any requests from my engineers (except for once, when one of them asked if she can have a Mac), so I didn't really know if I was the pampering type. So she said, well, if your team can be handled by any manager, then it means they haven't been pampered. But if the team feels that ohh, that manager is gone and now it is not so nice anymore, then it means they have been pampered.

Well..hmm? ;)


Anonymous said...

People start expecting when strict rules arent followed. when he can have , y not me. when u can wfh, y not me so on n so forth.. and the most abused is flexible timings !

DivSu said...

I think flexible timings are OK so long as the work gets done. Yes, if work slips, then I'd have a chat :)

Anonymous said...

hmm cant help it when u have a extremly talented resource whom u cant afford to lose.but partly managers to be blamed. it means u havent trained rest of the staff but unavoidable situation

Anonymous said...

Just a tool in the manager's toolkit to motivate employees. Different people are motivated by different things (other than money). The admin is simply display a bias, which is common human nature.

Anonymous said...

my 2 cents

To be a great leader,

a) One needs to show genuine interest into work related problems of sub ordinates and seek to help instead of impressing them and
b) never try to show authority

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