Sunday, February 06, 2011

Mynt - A restaurant review

Last one for today. (I didn't realize I had such a backlog of reviews till I started writing them)

We had the Sunday brunch at the Taj West End last Sunday. @Mynt.

Food spread was expansive. So much so that you didn't know what to pick in confusion. But the vegetarian choice was limited and very uninteresting.

What I loved was two things (no, make it three).

Their dessert spread was awesomest, the best I have seen. I went through each of the stuff on display very carefully before selecting a few that I wanted to eat. I gave the Indian sweets a skip since those I could have anywhere. I picked a few things, but most delectable was the fig and honey cream served in shot glassed like mousse. Figs were just perfectly ripe and it was a superb melt in the mouth. The chocolate mousse was also delicate and rich. Loved it.

Second thing I loved was our table (thanks to Sm for her booking). It was next to a lawn and I believe the son had a blast playing in there with balls, golf clubs and what not.

Third one was the kids corner. Just looking at all that stuff I wouldn't have thought twice before eating if I was a kid, made me happy ;)

All in all, great afternoon, spent well, with friends and food and conversation :)


Anonymous said...

does any of these places u visited serve non spicy food for toddlers..vani

DivSu said...

@Vani - I gave him mosaru anna at Mynt (curd rice) ;)

Anonymous said...

Wow nothing like a weekend , good food and conversations.

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