Sunday, February 06, 2011

Taco Bell - A restaurant review

Since I am at restaurant reviews, I cannot give Taco Bell a miss.

I think I ranted on this blog earlier about how the Malleswaram Taco Bell ads appear all over the Indiranagar area making me sour over having to travel all the way there to just eat at Taco Bell (which I anyways didn't do!).

So Koramangala now has its own Taco Bell and I have been wanting to eat in it ever since they opened shop.

Taco Bell has an emotional connection for me. It was the only place (other than McDs, which I never really liked) which would serve us hungry grad students any food after 12 AM. But it was far out on University Avenue and we needed a car to get there. So many were those nights when an assorted collection of friends would jump into K's car and drive over to eat.

So I wanted to eat at Taco Bell, just for nostalgia sake.

Needless to say menu is Indianized. Burritos are better than US ones, the Crunchwrap Supreme has potatoes in it, service is super fast, there is the same concept of unlimited, choose your own drink (except here, someone waits at the machine and fills it for you!) and every single Border's sauce brought back the memories of Mad-town. Awesome! ;)

We went there twice in a week and for now my nostalgia craving is satiated. Till the next time it comes back, that is :)


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