Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Of Indian Customs

No, not the traditional customs but the customs of customs and excise fame which we all dread so at our airports.

I had no idea we had to pay duty on "importing" new clothing into the country!! They even tax you if you are doing it for personal use (and not to do business). This is what I found out yesterday when I got dinged on a dress that I ordered online and which had to come from overseas.

And just look at the detail listed in the link below. It is mind blowing to think someone had the time and patience to chalk out all of this.


So, how many new clothes have you "smuggled" into the country? Eh?


Anonymous said...

Chapter - 62.....hahaha....feel like the smuggler from the 70's movies, smuggling diamonds in a white belt or the sooper cool sunglass frame... Omg!!

Prabha Mohan said...

Makes sense. Seeing as some clothes cost more than technology :) ... Also nowadays we wear our gadgets on us as much as we do our clothes :)

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