Saturday, May 29, 2010

Air India and its meals

When I was in the US, I loved Air India. For its food. All the way home and especially on the way back (when you are home sick on the flight itself), they used to dish up delicious and hot Indian meals. And they fed you so often that it was tough to sleep..

Today we took the Bangalore-Hyd flight. Flight duration is 50 minutes. As soon as we took off, the breakfast was served. 3 idlis, 2 vadas, hot sambar, coconut chutney, croissant with butter and Strawberry marmalade, fruit salad and coffee. I mean that meal lasted us till 1 in the afternoon and we had it as soon as we took off at 8.50 or so.

And the best part, it was like a test in time for the crew to see how fast they can serve and clean. They served, and started cleaning after waiting for five minutes. And for us, it was like we made the journey just to have breakfast. We took off, had breakfast, finished and landed ;)

Air India certainly still is the best airline in terms of food. Yay! for that. And domestic flying experience in India is anyday much better than in the US, I'd say.


Anonymous said...

Yeah esp since they only give you pretzels and soda during domestic flights in the US. I really like Jet Airways..their flight from Newark to Mumbai is really convenient for us and the food is excellent.. you can get a choice of veg or non veg with every meal (you don't have to book veg in advance) and their veg options are sometimes even better than the non veg ones..

Hope you had a good trip,

DivSu said...

Yeah Priya, totally agree. Jet is a class above the rest..

Anonymous said...

I love airline food in India. I love all airlines in India. In Kingfisher they actually give you steel cutlery too....I was bowled over!

These day airlines in the US arent even giving those measely pretzels.....its only soda/tea/coffee/water now!

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