Friday, May 28, 2010

The generation lowdown

As I see it, of course ;)

First few months after the baby's birth..

Generation X:

Typically large joint families. Women had an average of 10 kids give or take. And each woman had experience with raising not just her own kids but also her own sisters and brothers besides nephews/nieces (husband's brothers' kids mostly since ours was/is a patriarchal society). So upshot: Lots of experience with having kids and raising them.

Generation X+1:

Typically shrunk family size. (Some families were nuclear, some were not). Plus advantage of having a generation above with loads of kid raising experience. Typically women stayed over at their parents' place a few months before and after kids were born. The initial few months, typically women did not tend to their own kids at all. Since Gen X was part of large families, some Gen X+1 women had hands on experience with raising nephews/nieces still.

Generation X+2: (Where I belong)

Typically nuclear family. Number of kids more or less same as previous generation. More technology and gadgets and tools at hand, making raising kids a relatively easy task. Whether it is access to more scientific and proven information or simple things like scissors-shaped infant nail clippers, you have everything you need to be able to raise kids on your own. With the same holding true for everyone, typically this generation just tends entirely to its own kids.

What will Gen X+3 be like? Your guess? And which do you think is better?


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