Thursday, May 20, 2010

Fit or fat?

Or both?

Subhash is a very non-exercise person. He very very very rarely exercises. And he eats moderately, doesn't freak out on food like me, but doesn't particularly watch what he is eating either.

I, on the other hand, religiously wake up every morning, go for my jog/walk, do hand weights, ab exercises etc. Yet I have a perennial paunch and feel fat (of course I love food). Especially so after the pregnancy, its just been super difficult to shed that extra flab which I accumulated. Everyone says it will go eventually but I am an ambitious person. I'd like to see it go ASAP.

No doubt I am fit. I bounce back very fast from injuries, don't get very tired easily etc etc etc I feel healthy and happy most of the times. On the other hand I know people with to-die-for bodies who keep falling sick at the drop of a hat, get tired from even the smallest outings etc.

Being fit doesn't necessarily mean being trim. That is the only thing I can conclude.

So are you fit? Or are you fat? Or, like me, are you both? :D


Anonymous said...

I would like to think I am both!

I am fairly tall, so even if I put on 10 pounds it does not show, so people give me dirty looks when I tell them I have flab. Just because they cannot see it, but I can! All of it!!

The husband on the other hand exercises, but that is so he can gain some muscle. No problems for him in the weight department.....some people!

I think being fit and being fat are not opposites. And in my books being fit is far more important. I know loads of skinny minnies who have cholesterol/fatigue problems!

Anjani said...

I am pretty much like you. I exercised all the way till my ninth month of pregnancy; freaked a lot of people out at the gym. 8 months later, I am still working on my belly.
Overall I consider myself fit.

No doubt, being fit is more important. More so with the age factor. Gone are the days when I exercised to look good (not fat). After 30 something I realized, it is more about health, not to mention it relieves a lot of daily stress.

After years of fighting weight loss, I feel like I've cracked it. The right kind of exercise can make you look trim and be fit!

DivSu said...

@Shilps - I put on 17kgs during pregnancy - above average, and yet people complained saying I am not putting on weight, because it didn't show :))

@Anjani - Ditto yeah :)

Anonymous said...

Nowadays I'm both. I exercise regularly (if I miss a couple of days, I get seriously restless) and I enjoy food (major sweet tooth). I put on weight very easily if I don't watch the intake or do insane amounts of exercise. So nowadays, I'm carrying around pudge that will not budge (ha ha) but haven't worked up the motivation to get into "weight loss mode".

And you are not fat by any stretch of imagination. Not having a model thin body does not make you fat - there's a whole range in between :-)


DivSu said...

@DS - No no, like I said, it probably just doesn't show :) BTW, I like the rhyme about pudge that will not budge :)

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