Tuesday, July 07, 2009


My maid came in today after two days' absence. She had to leave town urgently because her younger sister's husband was serious. She called in to say she will be back on Monday. But she came in today and said that her sister's husband died, very young chap apparently.

Now my maid is all of 21 years and she already has two kids. Her younger sister is 18 and I was very curious to know if she also had kids. Apparently yes, she does have one kid. I was shocked. 18 year old. Married for a year and a half. Already has a kid..tsk..

What kind of age do they still live in? She is not even old enough to look after herself. How can she take care of a kid. And now with the husband gone, she is all alone to it. At least if she didn't have this kid, she could have done something with her life but now all her life will be spent raising this kid :( Sigh! I felt bad for this girl. But then I also felt sad that she (and her parents and her social circle in general) was stupid enough to land in this mess :(

But then I believe at least 50% of our country lives this way :( Its sad but true. And the census numbers aren't lying. I only hope people start behaving sensibly sooner than later...


Betaal said...

Like the social concern raised here, but the theme is still "age" ;)

Umang said...

You are right, she did not marry at the right age but here's another perspective on the story. With the husband gone (unfortunately), she has atleast the kid to live for... take care, play with, relieve the stresses and tensions of life after a long hard day at work. Sometimes, logic needs to be thrown out the window. Would she be better off if she was say 28-30? Yes, definitely. Is all lost and her future is doomed? Definitely not.

DivSu said...

@Betaal - Sigh! Not age, not age..

@Umang - That is a good new perspective. But I still feel, her life just got a little more complicated with this marriage and the kid that is all.

Shubhika Taneja said...

Its not really the fault of her parents or her for this situation. Its the society in general. Unfortunately more than 50% of the population in India is not fortunate enough to be educated. With no education or money/opportunities they still live in a world very different from ours. They have superstitions, traditions, beliefs which are not rational. For example, Indians follow some traditions and Americans some others. Similarly these sects have early marriage practices etc. If we can educate the masses and make them employed and self sustained, i am sure such practices will start subsiding. Its all a matter of which side of the fence you are - the elite & fortunate or the destitute. Yes, if an educated parent would have married their daughter at such a young age, then that would have been nothing less than an irrational crime.

Anonymous said...

I am in USA and a TEENAGE daughter of a former vice presedential nominess got pregnant without even getting married.

Education plays a major part but Parents will have to take responsibility for inculcating the right morals while raising their children.

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