Wednesday, July 01, 2009

It is finally here!

We've been looking for nearly 6 months to find the right one :)

Is it cute?


Abhinav said...

Nice :)

What is it .. a snake ?

Sri said... it a mini fountain kind of thing??

DivSu said...

@ Sri, yeah it is a home fountain :)

@ Abhi, snake?? How did you conjure that up?!

Sandhya said...

very cute :-)

Anonymous said...

Like with all piece of arts you can never make what it is.
Doesn't matter though - it is interesting.

Nice conversation starter for visitors to your home :)

Anonymous said...

does look like a snake (snake head at the top and tail at the bottom).

My impressions: looks ok but then it is all about personal preferences. If you guys like it, then thats all that matters.

Usha said...

Very pretty and fits so well in that place? where from?

DivSu said...

@Usha (I always feel compelled to add "aunty" :) ) - It is from Lifestyle..

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