Thursday, July 23, 2009


Went to the neighborhood store to buy some Kabuli chana and some odd vegetables. While I was waiting for the guy to pack the stuff, a woman came by in an auto, got off near the store, came along and asked for her "20s", paid and did some small talk and left. (This neighborhood store services all the smallish colonies around). I was like wow, she is picking up cigarettes for her husband! Then I was like, wait a minute, why am I assuming that she is doing it for her husband?! So I asked the store lady (she happens to also be my neighbor) if those cigarettes were for the woman and she said, yeah, she picks up a 20 pack every night. And the other store guy added how their house is always filled with smoke, no need for mosquito repellant etc etc but that is irrelevant here.

I happened to realize I nurse a stereotype in my mind about smoking and men :) Now don't get me wrong, I have nothing against women smoking. Well, in general I hate smoking and smokers as such, but nothing like its ok for men to smoke but not for women etc. And yet, I never realized I had this in my head, well, its out in the open now and out for good hopefully! :)


Sri said...

I hate the smell of cigarette smoke of the new trainees in my previous company was sent with me to a client who is a chain smoker.while i was struggling to stop coughing,she said"Wah,cigarette ki sugandh!!"she then told me she couldnt live without smoking 2 cigarettes a day..although i was shocked,i realised it is a part of today's life..

When i first met my hubby,i asked him if he smoked and politely told him i do not wish to marry a smoker..he laughed and said no..:)

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