Thursday, July 23, 2009

No interference please!

I read a couple of heartening articles about the traffic situation in Bangalore, plus Subhash and I have both been noticing it getting better a little by little day by day. So we were talking about it on the way to work yesterday.

To me it looks quite simple. Things are really bad only when the politician/minister responsible for a certain area is either a) uneducated or b) too corrupt or c) too meddlesome or d) all three. When the minister is not meddlesome and makes his own money and doesn't interfere with the civil servants in-charge, things look much nicer. Added to that if the politician is not extremely corrupt (note, little corruption is ok), things then really start to look up. Now if the politician is really motivated and educated and wants to improve his ministry, I have seen some wondrous things happen.

So, really, for things to start looking better, all it takes is a less meddlesome minister. (Biggest example is Lalu with his Railways stint? Really, the only thing I think he did was not appoint a smart IAS guy and then leave him to run things, poking his neck around very little. And looks like the BSY government has more silver in the lining. The transport minister is not only a little better educated but he also actually has a goal to improve public transportation in Bangalore and added to that he has a TCP (Traffic Commissioner of Police) who is willing to make it happen!

So will we see better traffic in coming days? I am already seeing lots of changes, so lets hope it will continue getting better :)


Betaal said...

Its feeling better because you are getting used to it :)

When I moved to BLR, I thought its chaos. Then after a year or so, me and my wife used to talk how things are getting better.

And now, we do not even see it or getting in to it.

DivSu said... entirely. I see right-only lanes, I see police catching people for jumping red lights, I actually see our cab drivers slowly changing their attitude towards turning at lights etc..its not all hunky-dory yet but change you have to agree is there :)

Deepu said...

traffic in blore geting better! nicee ;)
time to come visit then.. :D

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