Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Vinayaka Chavithi, 2006

This year for Vinayaka Chavithi, I decided to be inspired:D I took inspiration from Kaumudi, who has been making her own idols for the last three years, four including this one:) Here are some pictures of my idol:)

Here is Subhash just before the Puja looking absolutely cute:D

And here is our setup after the puja:)

And here is our prasadam:D Yumm!!!


Anonymous said...

Hey...couldn't remember how I wandered over here..but oh well..I did..

I love the Ganesha..we made Ganesha's this year too. My question to you is - where did you get the brown clay? I am needing it for a different project and couldn't find it anywhere..yet...

Anonymous said...

I was browsing the web for potter's clay, ganesha, etc and came across this one. Nice Ganesha. Same question as above, where did you buy the brown clay? :-) I live in the bay area and last Ganesh Chaturthi I couldn't find a store that sold clay, so I made one with turmeric and one with play dough ;-), but would really like to use good clay this time around.

DivSu said...

I bought it in Michael's from Milpitas if I remember correctly :)

Anonymous said...

hey very nice. what r the food items .can you explain..

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