Friday, September 22, 2006

Meetings and meetings and more meetings;)

These days, especially the last week, I seem to spend most of my time in meetings. I guess it had to happen to me sooner or later, the more years you work, the more deeper you get into the job and the more meetings you have to attend!;)

What is interesting though, is what I do in these meetings. At least I am not that higher up in my org for me to be "conducting" meetings. So in all the meetings I attend, someone else is talking;) And there are some where I have to play a significant part by talking too, but then I am not the one conducting the meeting. So what do I do with my time?

I think this got stuck since JNTU or in some cases even Francis'. While the lecturer talks away, you simply do your own thing. I was a front-bench person most classes in Francis' but back-bencher for some, especially English;) The trick is to make the person who is speaking, feel that you are listening to him/her;) And I think I mastered this art in Francis'. When Sr Jane Mary (she used to teach English Grammar;) ) asked any simple questions, I would just raise my hand and answer. While no one else did. The key is partial listening. Devote complete attention to the speaker at least for a whole minute, you automatically know what the conversation is all about. Then go back to doing your own thing:P So I would answer and answer till she got tired and then she would say herself that anyone but Divya must answer;) And that translates to? You guessed right! No more need for even those 1 minutes;) you've done your thing for today you can enjoy the bliss for the rest of the class:D I took it with me to JNTU, and we even improvised on this. I always was a back-bench person here and I would sit in the back bench withmy buddies, and we would solve HINDU crosswords, play games, draw cartoons and even have a live Juke Box in the back bench! Boy those classes in ECE were THE days. The way we terrorized lecturers;) Too much fun, hazardous even:))

This is precisely what I am doing in my meetings, just getting my work done while I sit at the farthest possible end of the table with my laptop making-believe that I am listening;)


Anonymous said...

So you typed this in the meeting :-)

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