Thursday, September 21, 2006

Contentment vs Ecstasy?

The reason I am writing this post 5 minutes away from yet another meeting at work, is that I have been putting it off for too long;)

This thought occurred to me when I was cooking (when else;) ) last week. If someone was to give me a choice between [everyday, a little happiness] and [dull dreary days at a stretch with ecstacy all at once to compensate for all those days], which one would I choose?:)

Strangely enough I found it difficult to answer this:) After loads of careful contemplating (ain't I such a contemplater:D) I decided that everyday little happiness would be it for me:) Even if I have to forego the experience of that feeling of ecstacy forever:D I have had quite a few of those past couple years:D:D

My audience is getting wider they seem to say:) But this one is a good thought, give it a try! Till the next post.


Anonymous said...

Haha interesting question. I would have to agree with you on that decision. My reasons being - irrespective of the degree of happiness, the length would be more or less the same. Hence my chances of being happy are greater if i got a little happiness regularly.

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